The results are in.

Jason Zinn is a true entrepreneur and innovator. The team at FeelGood was into the health products industry way before it was cool and mainstream. They were willing to try things, sell products, pioneer concepts, test lists, take good advice - and do the things that most timid and unsuccessful startups were unable or unwilling to do. Their team was truly fun to work with, and as their leader, Jason demonstrated the kind of smarts and savvy that set the tone.

- Russ Minary – President, On Purpose Enterprises

Jason’s ability to take an idea and assemble a team of people and get the best out of them to execute on that idea is impressive to witness. Not only is he accomplished at building a successful eCommerce business - he's also equally successful at building strong, high performing team

- Kevin Eichelberger - Founder & CEO, Blue Acorn

Jason is hands down the best marketer I know. I don't say that lightly. I've known Jason for more than 15 years and he has been consistently honest, creative, trustworthy, and witty year after year. He delivers results because he is hardwired for success. He's done mail order, retail, and now web with amazing results.

- Robert Valerio – CEO, Central Planning Organization

My company has worked as a vendor to Jason at DJO for 6 years now. He has one of the deepest understandings on how to market complex products to consumers in the medical device world. In my experience, it is rare to have a client in an organization as large as DJO still embody the entrepreneurial spirit, lean approach and no nonsense approach that Jason does.

- Danny DeMichele – CEO, Elevated

I had the pleasure of working as marketing director for Jason at the FeelGood Catalog for two years. Jason is an enthusiastic leader able to collectively unite all aspects of a company and clearly articulate his vision for success. I found him to be collaborative, creative and supportive in all manners of business, but I was particularly impressed by his ability to oversee each facet of the company with a positive attitude that bought the best out of his employees.

- Laurie Donnelly – Managing Director, Kale Inc.